SERVPRO of NE Hillsborough County / Plant City Employee Photos

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Howard Guard, General Manager

Howard has been in Sales and Management for large and small companies for almost 40 years. Values that drive Howard are Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, People Development, and Success. His favorite thing about his job is the team that SERVPRO has assembled and their development within their roles. He also likes the challenge his job brings to his career experience and skill sets. When not working, Howard enjoys listening to music and watching movies. He gives of his time coaching youth baseball players, helping them get to the college or professional level. He also heads a non-profit that raises money for The Miracle League of Manasota and the American Cancer Society.

Howard’s favorite quote is: “If you want to be successful, find someone who has been where you want to be. Ask them a lot of questions, then shut up and listen!”

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Betty Reese, Job File Coordinator

Born on a Florida Naval Base, Betty lived in several states and experienced many other ways of life, but came back to Florida permanently to enjoy the outdoors and all the wonders to be found here in the Sunshine State. Her favorite part of working for SERVPRO is helping people in dire situations and having great coworkers. Honesty and integrity are values that drive Betty, she believes if you do not possess these traits, you have nothing to call your own. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, fishing and working on her home and yard. She also volunteers at her church and with Meals on Wheels and local homeless ministries. 

Betty’s Favorite Quote is “You’re on your own and you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where you go.” Dr. Seuss 

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Corey Creasman

Corey is our Operations Manager!

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Daniel Line

Daniel is our Crew Chief!

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Carter Willis

Carter is part of our Production Crew!

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Derek Bowles

Derek is our Production Manager!

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Gilberto Castillo

Gilberto is our Crew Chief!

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Joe Marazzito

Joe Marazzito is our Sales & Marketing Rep!

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Nick Millette

Nick is part of our Production Crew!

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Ron Mattingly

Ron is our Sales Estimator!

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Sergio Perea

Sergio, our Crew Chief!

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Raya Mattingly

Raya Mattingly is our Administration Assistant! 

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Jess Rolewicz

Jess is our amazing Sales & Marketing representative!

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