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Water Damage is a Result of Fire Damage

10/14/2022 (Permalink)

wet floor, man preparing cleaning utensils Fire and water damage restoration services

In the wake of a commercial fire, water and smoke damage can leave your building in danger of collapsing. It’s important to work with a commercial fire cleanup team that has experience removing both water and smoke damage from buildings. A few tips on what they might need:

Water Damage Is a Result of Fire Damage

Water damage is a side effect of fire damage. Water damage can occur when fire sprinklers go off in your building during a fire. Fire sprinklers are designed to put out fires, but they also release water when they activate. This can cause mold and other problems in your building.

Here's what you need to know about handling the water cleanup after a commercial fire.

The first thing you need to know about water damage after a fire is that it's almost always going to happen. Water damage is a result of fire damage, which itself is a result of the combustion of materials in the building. This can include paper, wood, plastics, and other combustible materials found throughout your office or workplace.

Once those materials begin burning, they create smoke, which contains particles that are filled with water vapor. These particles will eventually rain down upon all non-combustible surfaces within the building causing significant amounts of water damage. 

Water and smoke can spread throughout your building.

Fire damage can cause water and smoke damage throughout your building. Water and smoke can spread through the walls, floors, ceilings, and even crawl spaces of an entire building. This can lead to structural damage that must be repaired before you can begin rebuilding. Firefighters work hard to contain fires as quickly as possible so that they do not spread beyond their original location. However, if a fire does get out of control it could cause extensive structural damage throughout your building’s floors and walls which will require extensive repairs before you can rebuild or reopen your business.

Cleaning up water damage requires special tools.

Water damage cleanup is much more complicated than fire cleanup. Water damage requires special tools, training, and knowledge to perform properly. Firefighters are trained to recognize and clean up water damage.

It’s important to work with a commercial fire cleanup team that has experience removing both water and smoke damage from buildings.

While the fire damage itself is the most obvious and immediate concern, there is another issue that you don’t want to overlook: water damage. Water damage can be even more damaging than smoke damage, because it leaves behind a moldy mess that can take weeks or months to clean up.

To properly remove both water and smoke damage from your building, it’s important to work with a commercial fire cleanup team that has experience removing both types of damage from buildings. The best way to find out if the company you are considering hiring for this type of work has experience in both areas is to ask them about their past jobs and what sort of skills they have when it comes cleaning up after fires.

You should also make sure that any company that you hire has been licensed by your state or city government before hiring them as well; this way you know they have met all legal requirements needed without having to worry about whether they're following protocol correctly when working on your property.

If you’re dealing with water damage after a fire, it’s important to work with a commercial fire cleanup team that has experience removing both water and smoke damage from buildings. The team can assess the extent of the damage and determine whether any items need to be removed or replaced. They can also assist with drying out your building so that mold doesn't start growing on wet surfaces like drywall or carpeting.

Protecting Your Investment with Fire Coverage

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

Ways To Protect Your Investment From Fire

Losing your business property to the destructive forces of a fire can be a costly nightmare. Fortunately, if you have fire insurance, the financial aftermath does not have to fall entirely on your shoulders. The right coverage can protect your investment from restoration to replacement.

Restoration Expenses
The devastating flames are not the only cause of property damage during fires. It can also happen due to:

  • Smoke
  • Extreme heat
  • Water from firefighting efforts
  • Foam from fire extinguishers

When serious damage has been done, it may be necessary to hire a fire restoration company to perform services such as smoke cleanup and building repairs. Fire insurance can offset the cost of restoring your building, which can help get your investment back on track sooner.

Unexpected Costs
While repair costs are a more obvious expense, there are many unexpected financial setbacks that could occur after a fire. You may have fire department service fees, penalties for being underinsured, or issues with code violations. Without proper insurance, these surprise bills might come out of your pocket. The right fire coverage eliminates the potential for being underinsured, and it can help with unforeseen expenses like fees and code issues.

When a property is lost in a fire, some insurance plans pay actual cash value to the owner. However, the actual cash value might not be the full value of the property to your business operations. This means that if your whole building burns down, you could be responsible for paying a large sum of money to replace it. Fire coverage can include replacement coverage, which covers the value of the lost property or the cost to rebuild or replace it.

When it comes to protecting your Valrico, FL, business property, you should ask yourself if you have enough insurance coverage. If the unthinkable happens, fire insurance could be the first line of defense for your investment.

5 Ways To Reduce Flood Damage To Your Commercial Building

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded building entrance Flooding doesn't have to ruin your property and set you completely off schedule. Focus on how to hinder water penetration and minimize trouble.

5 Ways To Reduce Flood Damage To Your Commercial Property

The FEMA calculator estimates that one inch of flooding can cost owners up to $25,000 in damages. Commercial owners in Valrico,FL, must also consider that as they pay for restoration, the operation may have come to a halt, waiting for the property to become functional again. To save time and money, it's best to take a proactive approach, avoiding water accumulation. The following are five ways to mitigate flood devastation.

1. Check Plumbing Lines

Owners may not realize that flood damage may occur from backups within the gutters and plumbing lines. Sewage water, for instance, may push into the premises as the water level increases outside. The Category three fluid houses a plethora of bacteria. Be sure to have experts check the backflow valve and sump pump annually.

Also, if leaves and debris clog gutters, they cannot function as they should. Rather than drawing the flow away from the structure, it could allow it to filter inside. Consistently check this area, clearing it out as needed.

2. Consider Property Placement

Most flooding impacts the lower zones before the upper regions. Think about where you store expensive or essential pieces. If a major storm hits, water buildup could ruin anything on the floor. Move it to the second floor. If that isn't possible, stack things on tables. Electronics, particularly, require a safe space.

3. Get a Professional Opinion

If you aren't sure about how your place may handle a torrential system, contact a storm and water restoration company. The specialists are certified. With their knowledge, they can point out vulnerabilities and recommend procedures that may safeguard those zones.
They could install permanent flood barriers or moveable walls.

4. Move Electrical Equipment Up

Storm damage permits excessive water penetration that can reach the electrical wiring. Consider moving outlets, circuit breakers and switches to higher levels.

5. Use Waterproof Products

One of the major costs of floods is replacing harmed materials. Consider buying things that hold up well to moisture. Be sure to look for flood-resistant labels.

Flooding doesn't have to ruin your property and set you completely off schedule. Focus on how to hinder water penetration and minimize trouble.

Signs of Mold in HVAC System

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Male technician cleaning industrial air conditioner indoors If you see mold in your air ducts or suspect that it is present, call a professional right away to minimize damage and risks.

Mold In The HVAC System

Mold in air ducts can be bothersome and potentially dangerous. Building owners in Plant City, FL, have to be aware of the signs of mold and know when HVAC cleaning is needed. Here are the indicators of mold growth that you should be watching out for.

Causes of Mold Growth

Knowing if your HVAC system is at a high risk for developing mold can help you stay on top of the problem. Mold grows in air ducts for several reasons:

  • Humidity
  • Oversized AC units
  • High temperatures
  • Setting the AC too low
  • Failure to replace cleaning vents

If your building is at a high risk for mold growth, you should have a mold remediation specialist perform occasional HVAC cleaning services.


If mold spores are present in your system, you should be able to smell mildew. If you are unsure if your HVAC system is the source of the odor, you should try turning it off and back on again after waiting a few minutes. If the smell is stronger when the system is turned on, that is a strong indicator that it is the source of the problem.

Visible Mold

Mold, or signs of mold, may be visible to the naked eye. If you frequently check your system for visible mold, you are far more likely to catch it early before it has time to spread. You should also check for any signs of moisture since it causes mold growth.

Pooling Water

If you have pooling water, mold growth is very likely. In addition to checking for signs of moisture, you should look for problems that could cause a buildup of water. Examples include blocked drains or drip pans. You should also check for condensation both inside and outside of the system.

Knowing when your system is high risk, paying attention to odors and checking for visible mold and pooling water will help you determine if you have a mold problem. If you observe mold in your air ducts or suspect that it is present, a professional should perform HVAC cleaning services immediately to minimize damage and risks.

Fire Escape: Is Your Business Prepared

1/20/2022 (Permalink)

Escape plan If you need assistance with emergency planning, or if you are currently dealing with fire damage and loss, contact SERVPRO, we can help you!

Is Your Company Prepared for A Fire?

A business fire, or any fire for that matter, incites panic and fear. Proper fire preparation can reduce the chances of entrapment and ensure that all your employees or tenants escape the property intact and healthy. To ensure the safety of everyone, you should be making routine checks throughout your property.

1. Fire Extinguishers

You should have fire extinguishers in every corridor and within 75 feet of hazardous areas. All extinguishers should be inspected annually. Also, the units should be mounted 5 feet from the floor with no other elements within a 3-foot radius.

2. Suppression Systems

A business fire can be extinguished quickly if your fire suppression system is working correctly. You can perform routine maintenance, ensuring that the sprinkler heads are free of debris and are not leaking or broken. However, you should have the system checked annually by a professional.

3. Emergency Exits

All emergency exits should be unlocked and have alarms attached. Also, while some may find hallways a perfect place to store miscellaneous goods, these exits should remain clear. Any obstruction can slow down an exit and may even result in someone losing their life.

4. Exit Routes

Additionally, there should be clearly defined exit routes. You can create maps of the building, specifying exits, and mount them throughout the premises, but you should also have lit exit signs and other signage that make escape routes clear and defined.

If you need assistance with emergency planning, or if you are currently dealing with fire damage and loss, a disaster restoration specialist in the Plant City, FL, area may be able to help. These professionals often offer free property assessments to aid in your planning needs.

A business fire, as with all fires, is dangerous. However, in commercial property with multiple hallways and rooms, it is especially challenging to navigate and find your way to safety. Therefore, it is vital to plan and practice escapes as well as prepare your facility for the possibility of a disaster.

Flooding in a Furnace

12/10/2021 (Permalink)

A truck from a restoration company If your commercial business suffers any water or flood damage, rely on SERVPRO, we have a trained team ready to help you

In A Furnace, There's Flooding

Any commercial flood in Plant City, FL, can be a severe disruption. However, even a minor flood is exacerbated by water leaking into a furnace room. Consider a few tips in order to maintain heating in the winter months and prevent a furnace flood from damaging your business infrastructure.

1. Relocation and Repair

The most important initial step is to stop the leak. For example, if the flooded furnace is the result of a broken pipe, the water should be shut off at the main and the pipe should be replaced. If the water has flooded the furnace room to the level of the electrical outlets, or if any other electrical systems have been dampened, then power should be disconnected at the breaker. At this stage, it may also be necessary to inspect the integrity of the sump pump or other water removal system if the furnace flood occurred on a lower floor.

2. Inspection and Analysis

Practically speaking, repair of a flooded furnace can be difficult. Many professional restoration services will make the call to upgrade and replace damaged units rather than attempting risky and costly repairs. After shutting off the gas lines and ensuring that no ongoing flooding is occurring, it may be helpful to take inventory of all visibly-damaged components. However, not all damage is can be assessed adequately by the average person. For example, some gas valves and other HVAC components are prone to failure after inundation, even with no apparent cracking.

3. Further Action

Your insurance adjuster or repair professional may advise additional procedures, such as air duct cleaning or replacement of surrounding flooring and insulation. Sensitive electrical components such as controls and circuit boards may need complete replacement. Air filters will likely need changing immediately.

Don’t wait to formulate a recovery plan. Keep your business running smoothly by collecting the necessary contact information and advising employees on how to respond in the event of a furnace flood.

Should Your Business Invest in a Commercial Generator?

11/8/2021 (Permalink)

Business impact analysis (BIA) on a office desk If your business does not have a steady supply of electricity, you surely will have many problems in the middle of a storm.

Should Your Company Purchase a Commercial Generator?

Making money in a busy economy depends on a few factors. One thing is certain, though: if your business does not have a steady supply of electricity, it may not be able to meet the demands of your customers. Nonetheless, storms, faulty power grids, and other culprits can cause your company to lose power. Before you purchase a commercial generator for your Plant City, FL, business, you should know a bit about this piece of heavy equipment.

Generators Use Fuel To Create Electricity

When the power fails, a backup generator uses fuel to generate usable electricity to supply your business. Generators run on different types of fuel, including the following:

  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Liquid propane
  • Gaseous propane
  • Combination fuel

When your organization needs an emergency supply of electricity, you simply engage the machine’s engine. Some generators automatically start running when the power fails. As you may suspect, generators come in a variety of sizes and styles. Small ones use little fuel while delivering low amounts of electricity. Large generators can power entire factories. Which size is right for your organization likely depends on your company’s electricity requirements.

Generators Convert Energy

To create electricity, generators function as reverse motors. That is, they don’t pull electricity out of thin air. Instead, they convert either mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy. This energy is forced into a circuit to create an electrical current.

Generators Have a Lifespan

Like any machine, a generator has a useful lifespan. How long your machine is apt to last depends on its design, construction, maintenance and other factors. Most commercial generators, though, can operate for more than 20 years. You must watch for signs of generator problems to know when to replace yours. If your machine fails, you may need to rely on a professional cleanup crew to repair damage to your company. You may also run into a work stoppage.

Sprinklers in Commercial Fires – Myths Versus Facts

10/30/2021 (Permalink)

Factory roof structure and automatic fire protection in building system. Fire sprinklers can cause tremendous water damage.

How a Sprinkler System Works?

A properly working sprinkler system can make the difference between full recovery from a fire in your place of business or irreversible damage and loss of property, not to mention the safety risks of commercial fires. You may be concerned about water damage or accidental activation of a fire sprinkler; however, there are many more risks to fire damage. Frequently, damage can be prevented or reduced by immediate fire suppression.

By understanding how a sprinkler system works during a fire, you will be able to face the problem with a plan of action. Following are some common myths with corrections to put you and your company in the know, so you can be prepared in the event of a fire in Valrico, FL.

1. Sprinklers activate when there is smoke. This is perhaps one of the most common myths about fire sprinklers. While smoke alarms are critical to have in working order to alert people in the building of a fire, the fire sprinkler itself works by sensing heat. In most types of sprinklers, activation occurs within a liquid-filled glass bulb that breaks with heat-activated expansion.

2. Fire sprinklers will cause tremendous water damage. Usually, only one or two sprinkler heads will respond to the heat in a confined fire, therefore eliminating widespread water damage. In adjacent rooms, the heat would need to reach the sprinkler head in order to trigger a pressure-activated release of water. If a fire department sprays water, the pressure from a hose is significantly greater, and they may need to spray over a larger area as the fire has had time to grow.

3. Fire sprinklers will go off accidentally. It is very uncommon for this to happen, even in wet pipe systems that are most prevalent in commercial buildings. In dry systems, there may need to be two triggers for the water to first enter the pipe, and then an additional trigger of heat to release the water from the sprinkler. A properly working fire sprinkler will ensure your business is protected from fire damage and minimize water damage. However, even with water damage, a reputable company can provide fire sprinkler cleanup.

Commercial Floods: When Can Employees Go Back to Work?

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed inside a commercial building The drying process in Plant City, FL.

Commercial Floods

If you have sustained black water damage at your Plant City, FL, business after a flood, you may be wondering when your employees can return to work. You will likely need to do a couple of things to return the workplace to its pre-flood condition, and the two main steps involved are demolition and disinfection, both of which can be enhanced by the use of air filtration devices.

Familiarize yourself with these different phases of restoration to understand what you need to do to restore your property. Once complete, your employees should be able to go back to work in a timely manner.

1. Demolition

Demolition involves removing water and items that have been affected by black water. It also includes disposing of property that has sustained water damage. This is an extremely important first step when trying to restore your commercial building to a state that allows your employees to enter it. An air filtration device can help speed things up by causing enhanced drying of wet areas of the structure. This is typically a good time to bring in a commercial storm damage company to help you make sure that everything is cleaned up as thoroughly as possible.

2. Disinfection

The next step in the flood cleanup process is disinfection, which helps eradicate any existing infected areas and prevents others from being contaminated in the future. Best practices include cleaning all damaged or wet areas with products approved by the EPA. An air filtration device can help during this stage by purifying the air and reducing the risk of impure particles sticking around your property.

The best defense against black water is to be prepared in advance so that you know what you can do to reduce the risk of water damage and how you can prepare the premises so your workforce can get back to being productive. In cases where you are unfortunately already facing flooding issues, the action plan above will typically be your best bet in returning your company to its normal state in the least amount of time.

Why Mold Smells Bad and What That Means for Your Business

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Wall with mold growth and the phrase MUSTY ODOR Musty smell in your Valrico, FL facility? Contact a mold remediation company in your area

Why Mold Smells?

Recently, you've noticed a musty smell when you first walk into the office in the morning in Valrico, FL. You're suspicious that it could be mold, but you've checked the likely places — bathrooms, under plants, the lunchroom refrigerator — but you haven't seen anything that looks like mold. What now? Typically, if you notice a mold smell, it's a sign that there is mold somewhere. Here are the three reasons why mold can smell and how to find out if it's hiding in the walls.

1. What Is Mold?
Mold is a fungus that happily grows in warm, moist environments. Mold exists everywhere — indoors and outdoors — so spores are always present and ready to move in and grow anywhere when they find a suitable location. Mold can grow on many surfaces, especially on porous materials, and comes in many colors.

2. What Causes the Smell?
The fungus smell or musty odor that you notice is caused by compounds that mold produces and releases into the air; mold itself does not smell. Because the presence of mold causes bad smells, it is important to call a mold remediation specialist to come and do an assessment soon after you notice a mold smell. Even if you can't see it, mold is likely present somewhere and needs to be addressed.

3. How Can You Find Hidden Mold?
When the remediation professional comes, they will do a visual inspection like you did, but they also have access to top-of-the-line tools, such as thermal cameras that allow them to look behind your walls to find areas of moisture that may be a breeding ground for mold. Thermal cameras measure the energy that is emitted from an object. The professionals will be able to tell if a pipe is leaking or if a crack in the foundation is allowing moisture to seep into the building. Then, they will be able to advise you on what needs to be done for proper mold cleanup.
Don't ignore a mold smell at your business. Even if you can't see mold, a mildew smell is a strong indicator of a mold problem.

4 Reasons To Use a Fire and Water Damage Restoration Company

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

A worker with a broom cleaning water in area damaged by fire and water Fire and water damage restoration services

If a fire breaks out in your Plant City, FL, business, you are faced with much more than the fire damage. To extinguish the flames, hundreds of gallons of water were unleashed into your building. This makes the cleanup and restoration overwhelming. After filing a claim, your insurance adjuster will likely request that you use a fire and water damage restoration company to complete the repairs. By choosing a certified business that can handle all forms of damage, you can simplify the process.

Below Are Four Benefits They Provide

1. Expertise
Like with many industries, there are certain set standards that must be adhered to. A company with certified technicians will be up to date on all the latest methods and requirements, as well as being experts in finding hidden damage that could easily go undetected.

2. Industrial-Grade Equipment
A combo of damage means dealing with soot, smoke, water and potential mold. All of them require different methods to deal with. Before anything can happen, water extraction has to happen. The right professional will have high-powered fans, water pumps and other equipment to speed up that process.

3. Various Cleaning Methods
Not all fire damage is the same. That means different cleaning methods are needed. When it comes to soot, it can easily spread and begin to affect other areas. Professionals will have the know-how to deal with the different types of damage and use the appropriate methods both on- and off-site.

4. Secondary Damage Mitigation
Besides the overwhelming visible damage, there is an increased chance of secondary damage. Part of professional fire mitigation is ensuring that doesn’t happen. This may come in the form of preventing water from affecting other areas to minimizing soot being carried out on clothing.
Dealing with fire damage isn’t just about the charred structure and belongings. Knowing there will be soot, smoke and water issues to deal with, using a provider that is an expert in all of those helps make the cleanup process much easier.

3 Signs Your Commercial Building Has Sewage Issues

12/22/2020 (Permalink)

Large crack in a reinforced concrete foundation and brick wall Cracked foundation in Valrico, FL

Three Warning Signs Of Sewage Trouble

A blocked sewer is a major concern for commercial owners in Valrico, FL. Not always simple to catch, this problem arises when something interferes with the appropriate water flow in the sewage lines, permitting wastewater to exit the premises in a timely and sanitary manner. Disruptions mean that the disgusting fluid is still sitting within the building. When not fixed, it could back up into the rooms, spreading bacteria and flooding the space. Catch obstructions early, remaining vigilant at all times. The following are three warning signs of sewage trouble.

1. Frequent Clogs
Companies are likely to experience clogged commodes. Sometimes customers or employees flush the wrong thing, leading to a toilet overflow. Occasionally, this is normal. However, if sinks or toilets seem to have this complication often, the plumbing system should be inspected for sewage development.

2. Strange Odors
A blocked sewer line means that contaminated fluid is building up. This dirty water, known as Category 3, is fraught with bacteria from food and waste product. It is going to smell. Your nose, then, is one way to detect an issue. A strong sulfur scent might arise when unsanitary water lingers in the pipes. Deodorizers are not the answer. Have a water remediation company look over the drains. The specialists should tend to the blockage as soon as possible.

3. Foundation Cracks
When a pipe breaks, they permit water to leak out into the walls or ground. Over time, this accumulates, deteriorating other materials. For instance, if this happens under the ground, the moisture erodes the dirt. The change in sediment shifts the foundation, causing large cracks. This may also occur in ceilings and drywall too. If noticed, it's best to have professionals assess the situation. A leak detection test may indicate the source of trouble.
The longer a blocked sewer is left idle, the more hazardous it becomes. It's best to find the cause right away, making repairs and restoring the water flow to normal.

5 Causes of Commercial Water Damage Issues

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

Missing shingles on a roof Missing shingles opens the door for a slow leak that can quickly spread across the roof and into the building

Understand The Common Causes Of Water Damage

There may be many unknowns in running a business in Valrico, FL, but water damage is something that any property can expect. While being prepared and having regular maintenance and inspections done can minimize issues, damaged pipes or flooding may not be preventable. One way to avoid the need for extensive repairs by a water damage and restoration company is to understand the common causes of damage.

1. Plumbing Issues
Leaking pipes top the list. Since a majority of the plumbing system is hidden behind walls, a cracked or degraded pipe can go unnoticed for a long time before it breaks. Musty odors without a visible source and an increase in the water bill are good signs of a lurking problem.

2. Mother Nature
From flash floods to days of seemingly endless rain, the weather is a prime cause of property issues. Although Mother Nature is fickle ensuring the ground slopes away from the building, incorporating water-absorbing landscaping and keeping sandbags on hand just in case can help minimize water infiltration.

3. Leaking Appliances
A lot goes into operating a business, which means needing a range of appliances. From the refrigeration in the breakroom to the HVAC system, appliances that use water can eventual spring a slow leak or malfunction and allow condensation to build up.

4. Sprinkler Systems
Protecting the people within the property is vital, and a sprinkler system can be the first line of defense against a fire. Unfortunately, improperly maintained systems may lead to damaged pipes, faulty connections are accidental triggering.

5. Roof
Over time, wind, rain, ice, snow and time can do a number on a roof. Any missing shingles, membrane not secured, or seal broken around fixtures, such as a pipe vent, opens the door for a slow leak that can quickly spread across the roof and into the building.
While damaged pipes or sudden weather events may not be on the agenda, planning ahead and guarding against them can help minimize the chances of a water loss.

Do the Ceiling Tiles of Your Office Need Replacement?

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

Have you ever been to your office in Valrico, FL, looked up and detected tile discoloration? If so, your ceiling needs replacement.

Three Causes

Not only can unsightly stains affect the appearance of your ceiling, but they can also indicate serious issues such as tile mold. These are the most common reasons your ceiling no longer looks the way it should:

1. Lighting
Ultraviolet illumination, which is popular in workspaces such as labs and hospitals, may create a change in color. Locate and replace UV-related sources.

2. Age
If you work in an older, 50s-style building, you might have dropped-ceiling tiles. Materials used to create drop tiles often absorb pollutants such as smoke.

3. Leaks
Look for tiles that have assumed a brownish color. Water damage induced by a broken pipe or malfunctioning HVAC system may be your cause.
In addition to being unsightly, ruined tiles can negatively affect your building’s fire rating and acoustic qualities. If the eyesore’s origin is determined to be unwelcome moisture, mold becomes a danger. Since it spreads on tiles swiftly, hiring a mold removal professional can tackle the problem competently and affordably.

Tile Replacement
Once you have prevented tile mold from worsening, you will want to conduct a restoration. Before starting, check to see that matching parts are easily acquired. Outdated styles are harder to come by, but some manufacturers guarantee the production of particular patterns for at least a decade. After you have calculated the number of necessary units, add an additional 2% to your order as coverage for incidental breakage. You may also wish to replace undamaged tiles since older ones may not match the new.
To make sure everything continues looking fresh, have ductwork and outside air diffusers cleaned regularly. Never forget to remove corrosives such as wallpaper adhesive, which can harm finishes.
Ceiling discoloration creates an aesthetic nuisance, but if a leak is your culprit, you run a risk for destructive tile mold. While at work, periodically inspect for discoloration. If dampness is an issue, eliminate the problem before mold grows.

We Are Cleaning Experts

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

• Kitchen/Food Areas

• Bathrooms

• Schools/Classrooms

• Offices

• Retail Spaces

• Water Fountains

• Shelving/Racks

• Sales Counters

• Carpets and Rugs

• Stair Handrails

• Elevator Cars

• Playground Equipment

• Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus.

Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts at SERVPRO of Hillsborough/Plant City (813) 435-1682


It’s Your Responsibility to Prepare Your Business for a Disaster

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. For a variety of reasons, officially declared major disasters have almost doubled since the 1990s. This impacts everyone, everywhere, and NE Hillsborough County, FL is no exception. If you own or manage a business, there’s no excuse not to have a plan for disaster preparedness.

Disasters Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

There are so many conceivable disasters that no one can be fully prepared for everything. However, it’s entirely worthwhile to develop business preparedness for the most common types of catastrophes. The three main areas of disaster to plan for are:

  • Technological Disaster
  • Manmade disaster
  • Natural disaster

Technology Is Your Friend – Until It Isn’t

The information technology that’s now essential for virtually all businesses has a nasty tendency to break down. If you haven’t developed disaster preparedness for the loss of some or all of your files and hardware, you’re likely to eventually pay a terrible cost. Back up everything constantly to the cloud and use a tape backup once a day or more.

Manmade Disasters Are Often the Bitterest

When the disaster is caused by someone’s carelessness or bad intent, it can feel very personal. A virus attack, ransomware or vandalism all are intrusions into your life, and a single internet crime aimed at a company can bankrupt it unless you’ve consistently backed up everything possible. Vandalism is harder to stop but typically easier to fix with insurance.

Natural Disasters Can Be Survivable

If you’ve planned for all the major natural disasters you’re likely to face, and kept all key employees informed and prepared, you have an excellent chance of your business bouncing back. Having effective disaster preparedness isn’t a matter of luck; it’s the result of doing some basic research and practicing how you and your employees will respond.

FEMA has excellent resources for recovering after a disaster. Their business disaster planning handbook is free to everyone and is a relatively quick read. Once you’ve had storm damage, a restoration company can then take over the process. They’ll help you with insurance forms and rapidly develop a plan to get your company back to full functionality.

Three Ways To Remove Smoke Odor

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke can linger long after a fire has been extinguished. If the particles remain too long, they can cause smoke damage, such as discoloration and corrosion. Even after the visible residue has been removed, the odor may persist. Fortunately, there are a variety of smoke cleaning products available. Three common methods of odor removal include the following:

Air Filters

Air filtration devices circulate the air in the home. Then the filters, frequently HEPA or carbon, trap smoke odor particles as they pass through. This keeps the smell from continuing to float through the home.

Ozone Machines

Ozone machines work by emitting ozone particles into the air. The ozone then chemically combines with the smoke particle in a process known as oxidation. This creates an entirely new particle that does not have a smoky smell. If you choose to use this method of smoke cleaning, it is important to hire professionals who can make sure the task is completed properly and that it is safe for you and your family to return home.

Thermal Foggers

When a fire burns inside a house, it heats up everything, causing cracks, crevices and other openings to expand. This allows smoke particles to get trapped inside porous surfaces. Other odor-removal techniques cannot reach those areas. Thermal foggers heat up the area and allow a deodorizer to circulate through the house. Because the area has been heated up, the deodorizer can reach all of the smoke particles.

After a fire, it is important to actually remove the smoke particles to keep the smell from returning. Products like air fresheners and scented candles may temporarily cover up the smell, but it will keep coming back until the source of the odor has been eliminated. If you feel overwhelmed by the smoke cleaning process, you may wish to hire a certified restoration company. They can help you get your Plant City, FL home back to normal.

3 Reasons To Purchase Commercial Flood Insurance

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

According to FEMA, the average commercial insurance flood claim costs $90,000. Because many businesses do not have the cash reserves to absorb the cost to repair or replace flood-damaged property, it can be wise to purchase flood insurance. You may wish to purchase a flood policy in NE Hillsborough County, if one of three conditions applies:

  1. Your commercial insurance policy excludes coverage for flood damage. Most property insurance policies specifically exclude flood as a covered cause of loss. You may be able to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP,) and if your business is located in a flood zone, your mortgage company may require you to do so.

  2. Your business is located in a high-risk area. Flood zones V (coastal areas) and A (near bodies of water) are considered high-risk areas for flood damage. If your property is located within one of these zones, your chances of experiencing significant flood damage are higher than average. FEMA assistance is only available to residential property owners, so if your business does not have a flood policy, you will likely have to pay the costs to repair or replace flood-damaged property out of pocket.

  3. Your business is located in an area with moderate rainfall or snowy winters. It doesn't always take torrential rainfall to cause flash flooding that can damage property. Saturated ground or inadequate drainage can lead to flooding with moderate amounts of rain. Additionally, when warm temperatures lead to snow-melt, areas with snow cover can experience flooding from the run-off.

Even businesses that are not located in a high-risk, flood area can experience flooding that requires prompt water damage remediation that may not be covered by commercial insurance. All businesses should consider their level of flood risk when making insurance purchasing decisions, however, businesses located in high-risk flood areas due to weather or proximity to water sources should be particularly aware of their flood exposure.

Qualities of a Good Fire Restoration Company

4/12/2020 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO van SERVPRO team will be on-site within a few hours of your call

Qualities of a Good Fire Restoration Company

If a fire starts in the workplace, your priority is to get everyone out safely. Once you know everyone is all right, you'll start to worry about the condition of your building. If there is widespread damage, you may not be able to continue working there until professional crews complete the fire damage restoration. You need a company you can trust will do fast, high-quality work. The best companies have standout characteristics.


In the event of a commercial fire, your first call, of course, should go to your local emergency number. This will alert firefighters to come to your building and put out the flames. You should also report the incident to your insurance company. You also need to get in touch with a professional fire restoration company. One of the best traits of a good fire cleanup team is that it will act quickly.

The team will be on-site within a few hours of your call.
The technicians can come to your office at any time of the day, seven days a week.
The crew will work quickly but efficiently.

Good Communicators

The best fire cleanup companies listen to your needs and inform you of the process. After arriving at your building, the technicians will examine the damage. The team will review the extent of the incident and will come up with a fire cleanup, smoke cleanup, and full restoration plan. The team will share this information with you. Throughout the process, you will be aware of the company's progress.


There's too much at stake with fire damage restoration to trust the work to novices. Make sure you find a company in Seffner, FL, that has years of experience and a proven track record. You want technicians that have handled projects of all sizes.
Look for these characteristics when it's time to hire a fire damage restoration company. You can feel good knowing that you are working with a group of qualified professionals.